Bronze Demography Report “Sample Report”


Bronze Demography Report “Sample Report”


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- The Pro Package

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This report is our introduction to demography reports it gives a few initial demographic, psychographic, and geographic analyzed insights of the area within a 20 minute drive of the church.

All reports in the “The Pro Package” are included in this report.  The Pro Package is a Raw Reports package it includes the psychographic report, Executive Report, and the Full Report.  All reports are typically based off a 20 minute drive time radius of the site.

- Psychographic Report: This report Captures a community’s overall mood, values and inclinations across a set of 20 polarities. 

- Executive Report:  This report provides an introduction to your community as well as charitable giving and religious practices data.

- Full Report: This report provides a comprehensive view of your community with pages of high level demographic data across every category.