Gold Demography Report


Gold Demography Report


What you get!

- Congregational Report

- Community & Congregation Comparison

- Financial Giving Potential

- "Competitor Analysis"

- The Congregational Commentary Report

- The Community Consensus Report

- The Demographer Package

- 1 Hour Consultation Video Call

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This report first report in our series to incorporate the actual congregational data and compare that to the data we have about the community. It includes the congregations Top 3 Mosaics as well as the financial giving potential of all the households in the congregation. In this report we also look do a “competitor analysis” that shows every church within a 10 mile radius of the church.  This report includes both the Congregational Commentary and Community Consensus Reports. All reports in the “The Demographer Package” are included in this report as well.

-The Congregational Commentary Report uncovers the predisposed psychological preferences of a churches congregation or community. It describes in detail the preference of targeted MOSAIC groups in the following areas and recommendations on how to best reach them. Leadership, Hospitality, Worship, Education, Small Group, Out Reach, Property and Technology, Stewardship and Financial Management. It also lists Suggested Recommendations based on the findings.

-The Community Consensus Report is a tool for pastors and church leadership. It shows in detail the life concerns of people in the surrounding community of the church to inform sermon topics and outreach. It describes the program and ministry preferences of the community, as well as reasons they may have left the church. It also lists Suggested Recommendations based on the findings. 

The Demographer Package is a Raw Reports package it includes the psychographic report, Executive Report, Full Report, and the Comparative Report. All reports are typically based off a 20 minute drive time radius of the site.

- Psychographic Report: This report Captures a community’s overall mood, values and inclinations across a set of 20 polarities. 

- Executive Report:  This report provides an introduction to your community as well as charitable giving and religious practices data.

- Full Report: This report provides a comprehensive view of your community with pages of high level demographic data across every category. 

- Comparative Report:  This is our most valuable raw report as it compares your community to your actual congregation, showing who you are reaching and who you are not reaching. It provides demographic and psychographic data on both your congregation and your community as well as the actual giving potential of your congregation based on their incomes.