Guest Experience Analysis


Guest Experience Analysis

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What you get!

- On Site "Secret Shopper" Guest Experience Analysis

- Report on Findings and Recommendations

- Gold Demography Report

- Congregational Report

- Community & Congregation Comparison

- Financial Giving Potential

- "Competitor Analysis"

- Congregational Commentary Report + Extra Community Commentary Report

- Community Consensus Report

- The Demographer Package

- 1 Hour In Person Consultation Meeting

- 1 Hour Consultation Video Call to Present Findings

- All Travel Costs Are Included In The Price! *Continental US

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The Objective of this report is to conduct on-site observations to compare opportunities for impact throughout the “first time guest experience.”  The key to this will be capturing the guest’s first time experience, both positive and negative at the following touchpoint areas: Online; Leaving Home; Arrival to Property/Parking; Entering/ Wayfinidng; Children Drop Off/ Pick Up; Worship Service; Post Service; Guest Services; and Exit.

Suggested Recommendations are provided for each section based on the experience and psychographic preferences of your community as well as the mission and values of your church compared to the story a first time guest actually experiences.  This includes a free GOLD DEMOGRAPHY REPORT and Congregational Commentary of the top Mosaic in your community as well as the top Mosaic in your congregation to better analyze psychographic preferences.  (A detailed description of the Gold Demography Report can be found on our Services & Reports page)